Loop: Seasonal series

We bring you Loop, a tart farmhouse beer, fermented with Yonder’s medley of mixed cultures and utilising locally grown spelt flour from Sharpham Park, to build the body
and give those bugs something to chew on.

This base beer is brewed and aged in oak barrels all year round and blended seasonally with whatever fruits and other wild ingredients are available at the time. The dregs of these blends are then reused to ferment the next instalment, ensuring that the cycle always continues.
See below for all seasonal releases so far.

Water, Barley Malt, Wheat, Spelt, Foraged Fruit, herbs & spices (see below)

ABV - 4.4 - 5.0%
IBU - 5

  • Summer 2018 - Wild Cherry & Elderflower (sample only)
    This early summer version is fermented on Elderflower and Cherries, collected within a stones throw of the brewery and aged on oak, until the depth of flavour from the microflora
    is as ripe as the wild ingredients in our basket.
    The combination of sweet and sour cherries adds complexity to the flavour and heightens the bright red colour that draws you in. Whilst the elderflower’s sweet honey-like aromas lift the top end,
    balancing the drink to what becomes another thirst quencher in those hot summer months.

  • Autumn 2018A - Plums & Wild Thyme (keg only)
    The first full size batch of Loop was blended with locally foraged Victoria Plums and a few handfuls of Damsons. As the fruit macerated on the blended beer, the wild yeast from the skins aided secondary fermentation and brought about a peachy pink hue.
    The second addition to play against the honey-like flavour of the stone fruit was wild thyme collected in the dusty hills of Provence, where Jasper was taking a much needed summer break. Far from savoury, this dried herb was very floral and citrus and worked perfectly in the blend.

  • Autmn 2018A - Greengage & Wild Thyme (bottle & keg)
    Late season greengages provided the tart stone fruit flavours to this iteration of Loop, and like it’s predecessor, the French wild thyme provided a citrus and herbal undertone to balance the gentle acidity.
    Tart and effervescent, this pale sour saison certainly grabbed peoples attention and worked well alongside the Turkey at Christmas dinner, 2018.
    The label artwork for this batch was created in collaboration with Kevin Foakes, of Openmind design. Kev is most famous for his work with record label Ninja Tune, under the guise DJ Food, but is also responsible for much of their design work.
    For more information, check out his website.

  • Apple & Rose (January 2019)
    How could we talk of ourselves as a Somerset brewery, focusing on local ingredients, without calling upon some of our cider making friends for help?
    The first release of Loop for 2019, brewed in Autumn 2018, featured 20% apple juice, pressed from beautifully tannic cider apples grown just a few miles up the road at Burrow Hill.
    With no preservatives or pasteurisation, the juice did a very good job of added to our mixed cultures and the result is a cross between a dry, farmhouse cider and a tart farmhouse saison.
    The addition of wild rose petals, gives a perceived floral sweetness to balance that dryness.

  • Rhubarb & Magnolia (2019)

    Making the most of the seasons is what we do best and what better way to start the year than using the first of the tart, fruity rhubarb, grown in Yorkshire’s rhubarb triangle.

    With slim pickings for complimentary flavours this early in the year, I must admit, we were scratchings our heads for a while to find something that would compliment the rhubarb.

    Then we remembered the striking flavours of the Magnolia tree and their spicy, yet floral aroma.
    The petals are often preserved in vinegar by inventive foragers and used as a substitute to pickled ginger (it even kind of looks like it!). So there we go, preserved in mixed culture sour beer instead and it’s ginger notes compliment rhubarb perfectly.